Theatrical Magic Consultation

Dominik Krzanowski is the perfect go to for live theatrical effects, magic and integration of magic into a theatrical environment. He has consulted with the following theaters and shows:

The Fountain Theatre, Hannah and the dread gazebo, interpreting the script and integrating original magic effects into the show.

The Geffen Playhouse, The ANTS, creating an original effect and advising on aspects of the show.

Signature Theatre, The King of Yees, remotely consulting on integrating and building key moments of magic in the show.

Cypress College, Carrie the musical, advising on all the effects in the show, building key moments and training crew to perform the effects.

Trepany House at Titmouse Warehouse, The Bride of Blood, bringing the writer/directors vision to life on stage. Creating the theater space, show effects and scenic elements.